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Welcome to Blaze Electronic Cigarettes
Why eCigs?
  • No ash or smell
  • No tar in your lungs
  • No more burnt clothes, carpets or car seats
  • No obnoxious tobacco smoke, only vapor
  • Use in places where smoking cigarettes isn’t allowed
  • Cheaper than buying cigarettes
  • More socially acceptable than cigarettes and so many flavors to try

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Why Blaze?
Unlike the competition, who put their money towards advertising and brand name awareness, we put our time and money towards product development and quality of parts.
electronic cigarette parts

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Product Reviews
  • josh
    awesome holders, i placed 2 on my desk and 2 in the office
  • Dom Annunziato
    “ Awesome product...heavy smoker for twenty yrs....I've tried everything...literally! The ego is the only e cig that... „    more satisfies my cravings and really feels like your smoking.. I used blu cigs for the first two weeks I quit because the ego plus kit was on backorder...that is my only complaint that I had to wait an use blu cig while I waited. Also the e juices are really good..I use half chocolate ice and half tabacco flavor and is my favorite so far...will be ordering again..thank u blaze co.... „
  • steph
    “ I swear by blaze menthol, this is the only electronic cigarette I smoke. best tasking... „    more menthol, no body comes close to it. I quit smoking cigarettes 5 months ago, these were the only onese I could quit with. „
  • Andrea C
    “ These cartomizers are so refreshing. I have heard of them from one of my coworkers... „    more and decided to try them for a change.... After using them i have been hooked. I love the strong flavor it has and how its much more softer like a real cigarette on my lips. Do you have them in any other flavors? „
  • Barry
    “ finally the type of deal that ive been waiting on! im a heavy vapor and... „    more enjoy different flavors all the time. This bundle definitely is the best by far. I like to mix my flavors sometime and i need the option to know i can have as much flavors to choose from as i can.  „
  • Shauna
    “ After smoking for almost 6 years i decided it was time to quit. I have... „    more done some research on ecig companies to see who offers the best type of menthol ecigs and i came across Blaze. It is pretty interesting that Blaze has soft tips, which is something i never heard of before so i decided to try it out. After being on ecigs for a bout a month i am convinced that these soft tip menthol flavor cartomizers are the best by far. They feel just like a real cigarette and gives me the same type of smoke. Great job guys!  „
  • Filsan Hall
    “ All i can say about this evapor is that its amazing! I have been an... „    more ecig user for about 2 years now and i bought the evapor about 3 weeks ago and i love it. The amount of smoke it generates and the smooth pull it has is just right. I must say, the battery life does last longer than i thought, which is perfect for me since i use it all the time. its pretty neat how the tankomizer can hold so much liquid and that amount lasts for a while. If anyone is looking for something that can enhance their vaping experience this evapor is the one! „
  • James Oceans
    “ This gives me the best of both worlds. I like to smoke cigars occasionally and... „    more instead of using the cigar i can just get the same satisfaction with these cartomizers. At first i was a bit hesitant to try them since they are made for the ecigs, but after using them i found them to have the exact flavor and taste as a real cigar.  „
  • Andy berginstan
    “ I really enjoy this using this cartomizer. The tobacco taste of this is so flavorful... „    more and so distinct. it truly one of the best blend i have ever tried and i was a smoker for over 21 years. This is something that i will be sticking with, plus the soft tips of the cartomizers tops it off. So convenient and gives me a better grip! Great job Blaze.  „
  • Terry
    “ Im so excited for this flavorful cartomizers. I have just tried them for the first... „    more time a couple of days ago and i love them. The soft tips really make a difference. Good job with this soft bite menthols Blaze. „
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Carbonfiber Carrying Case
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Buy 4 Liquid refills and get 1 for FREE!
for an unforeseen amount of timejust Tobacco, Menthol will be available. Flavors: Tobacco, M..
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for an unforeseen amount of timejust Tobacco, Menthol will be available. Flavors: Tobacco, M..
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Soft Bite Go Green Refills - Menthol
Treat your lips with the new SOFT BITE cartomizers! Blaze is delighted in crafting this new cartomiz..
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